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Beijing shenzhou international hotel, graduated from famous universities gathered around travel choice

Date: 2014-05-23

Beijing shenzhou international hotel, is apart from the Beijing universities and is very close to the zhongguancun science park, if you are on a business trip in Beijing and feel the college culture atmosphere, or to roam in the sea of books, it is recommended that you live here.

Beijing shenzhou international hotel to live in people say so

▎ can choose suitable pillows, feather mattress let a person have a kind of don't want to wake up feeling, really want to day TianLai here.

▎ the location of the hotel very close from the subway, convenient!Hotel service is good.Next time will come!

▎ the geographical position is very good, is not far from the suitcase, opposite the state map, the environment is quite good, relatively quiet.

Hotel introduction

Room design is Europe's most fashionable colour collocation and popular trend, Jane's atmosphere is more close to the nature, also accord with Chinese aesthetics, Jane Europe style and cater to the young man's love, in the city now busy life, already let us is boring the racket, pd, we prefer a quiet and peaceful, and looked comfortable in the environment, to eliminate the work tired, forget the noise of the city.

Address: haidian district of Beijing zhongguancun south street no. 31 (adjacent to the north of Beijing national library)