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The outbound tourism during the Spring Festival lasts hot family "XiaoBaoTuan" popular

Date: 2014-01-24

In 2014 the Spring Festival travel has entered the countdown.On January 23, the daily economic news "reporter learned from the major domestic travel agencies, all kinds of products in domestic tourism, outbound tourism during the Spring Festival have been sold out, swim team product prices rallied on the Spring Festival, the highest rise as high as 50%.Hot city high-end hotel price does not rise but lower.

  People in the travel agency tells a reporter, since "tourism law" promulgated, the tourism market is individuation, differentiation transformation.This Spring Festival travel, consumers not only have a "deep", more "private custom" XiaoBaoTuan.

  The outbound tourism lasts hot

  Tourism Hou Nannan introduction, general manager assistant, this year the Spring Festival travel outside the territory is still hot, Europe and the United States, such as long term tourism products are very popular, now in its booking finale, part of the hot line has appeared broke even.Mango net aspects, due to the effect of the supply, overseas Tours prices generally rise, compared with last year, up 20% ~ 50%.Especially Thailand tour products the highest prices, product 3000 yuan last year, rose to 5000 yuan this year.Product prices rise is still not affect visitors' desire to travel, it was reported that sales of the most popular at the present stage is ZhongDuanXian outbound tourism products, such as South Korea, Thailand, maldives, sabah island line booking gains from increased by more than 60%.

  "XiaoBaoTuan" popular

 This Spring Festival, many travel agencies for family guest, introduced the most private "XiaoBaoTuan", compared with the conventional group, its price is higher than that of the average 10% ~ 20%.According to the ctrip aspects, in the hot line, the Spring Festival for domestic private group visitors accounted for teams of up to 20%.Officials also said that this year the Spring Festival travel, travel consumers not only has the "depth", and more love "XiaoBaoTuan", XiaoBaoTuan destination for domestic more popular travel direction."General 2 to 6 people can be independent to form a smooth dough."For this year's travel market observation, ctrip business travel sales department deputy general manager Jeff he said, "under the" tourism law ", the group tourism products to accelerate the upgrading, this Spring Festival travel to quality, is the general trend of theming, customized development."High-end hotel busy "them"The reporter understands from the latest hotel booking data, to attract customers, domestic hot city 5 star international high-end hotel grovelling, promotion "rob people", the hotel prices fell by 2 ~ 3 daily.Thomas zimmer hotel sales department, told reporters that in 2013 the high-end hotel occupancy rate has significantly decreased as compared with last year.Since the beginning of this hotel reservation during the Spring Festival peak, high-end hotel bookings compared with the same period last year dropped by 20%.To increase the hotel occupancy, attract customers, many high-end hotels are offering preferential prices during the Spring Festival.Such as greater China sheraton hotel in shenzhen, during the Spring Festival daily average price is 1191 yuan, superior rooms than usual price fell about 20%;Shanghai Paris Spring Festival New world hotel, senior housing preferential price 546 yuan only during the Spring Festival, etc.;Beijing shenzhou international hotel, the lowest prices during the Spring Festival is only 322 yuan, while the same room prices in March to return to 588 yuan.