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Hotel rooms in Beijing electronic information system

Date: 2008-05-14

A drop in the high star hotel guest room new electronic advertising media appearance in Beijing recently, according to the launch of the media in Beijing city letter media advertising co., LTD., general manager, said Dr Yu-xin he the project after nearly two years of market research, product development, hotel trial, etc., is now in the Beijing market large installation and promotion.

The new media is called hotel rooms, electronic information system (HotelInformationSystemforE - Guestroom, English abbreviation HISEG), is now in Beijing, including the shenzhou international hotel, hotel, Oriental culture YanXiang and so on more than 30 five-star hotel, a four-star and above three-star are installed in the luxury hotel, is scheduled to end of June this year reached more than five thousand high-end hotel rooms.

Advertising letter senior experts, city media executive deputy general manager Mr Aihwa ong says, over the years, the hotel provides guests with a catalogue of the urban services has been the paper media, namely the city "yellow pages", due to the print service directory data ends meet difficulties, update reasons, led to most of the information has been lost the authenticity and validity, the guest hotel is no longer in use.Therefore, how to provide guests with a new, effective, hotel guests are most commonly used this urban services directory has caused extensive concern of the global hotel industry.It is said that the hotel guest room electronic information system has been used widely in the United States, Japan, in the past two years have foreign related enterprises in the Chinese market, but due to a lack of understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese hotel industry, has not been in the industry have a foothold in China.

Aihwa ong, says Mr Hotel rooms of electronic information systems form a win-win situation: first, the hotel by installing electronic information system, effectively improve the quality of the hotel service, and to a certain extent, improve the management efficiency of the hotel;Secondly, hotel guests can query through the electronic information system around the hotel and all the related information in Beijing, as long as more than junior middle school culture level of adults, can completely within 30 seconds according to the classification accurate query to the information he needed;Third, service for many places, products, especially in the high-end consumer place and high-end consumer goods provides a good advertising, information publishing platform.According to Mr Aihwa ong says, only a Beijing, install 150 hotels and 20000 rooms, can form one year about three advertising.

At present, the hotel room electronic information system as a new media have come to the attention of several risk investment institutions, some has entered the stage of project appraisal.At the same time, the project also won the Beijing municipal science and technology commission, Beijing institute of tourism, Shanghai institute of tourism and other leaders and experts in the industry recognition and support.City letter media early has spent more than 2000 ten thousand yuan, for the market development in Beijing.Aihwa ong said, city letter in the second half of this year will start the Shanghai market, and plans to use three years time, develops the 20 cities across the country, about 2000 hotels and 300000 rooms, at that time, each year about 4 billion AD sales can form.