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Female tourists in Beijing badaling hurt another tiger attack Or for anhui DangTu people

Date: 2016-07-28

 15 PM on July 23, Beijing badaling wild animal park the attack, in a one death 1 wounded.Surveillance video shows that a car stopped suddenly in the process of visit, then the co-pilot seat last light woman opened the door, and from the front to when the car driver was a tiger mauled.Media that first attacked the young woman has been workers save sending hospital, but unfortunately, the car in the back seat of an elderly woman out of the car to rescue the young woman was another tiger killed.Mother of the dead for the injured.

  An old small four mouth, originally wanted to take advantage of the weekend happily watch wild animals, but only to eventually end up one man killed in escaping a by the end of the tiger bite.The tragedy in an untimely at the same time, the visitors of the tiger bite bite dead who had recently in network widespread discussion.

  The victim's identity of the parties, no media coverage so far.Phoenix anhui understands, July 25, ma on shan daily, the official microblogging forwarding registered account weibo "ma on shan to help" and leave a message said the woman at ma on shan DangTu.