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Beijing LvYouWei off to the island nation of palau products

Date: 2016-07-28

The western Pacific island of palau is becoming the hot destination of Chinese tourists, however, Beijing LvYouWei stoppages in palau product recently.Beijing LvYouWei recently released the news that some recent Beijing travel agencies attract and organize tourists to carry out to not open business tourism destination countries, involved the travel agency immediately remove or stop selling products, and make rectification within a time limit;Travel agency to continue to sell this kind of product will be in accordance with the regulations, according to the plot to give fines, suspension travel agency business license of the administrative punishment.

Beijing LvYouWei industry, according to the relevant person in charge of management on July 21, palau is without the tourism administration department of the state council decided that Chinese citizens outbound tourism destination country (region)."At present, which can develop business of group has 123 approved destination countries and regions, the travel agency to be carefully checked, forbidden to carry out the countries and regions except official tourism business."The official said.