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Go to Beijing, be sure to know the old Beijing feng shui in the mystery!

Date: 2016-07-27

The "ssangyong" layout of Beijing

  By using remote sensing technology took photos of the whole city have a bird's eye view of found the Ming people ssangyong layout shape is designed and built for the city.A fire hose and water on a Liu Long hengshan and wonder.

  Beijing "ssangyong", hoses is leading part with the south China sea, a lake is longan, zhongnanhai, and the north sea dragons, quadrangles is beaten, to the northwest.


  Liu Long prone on the central axis of Beijing, tian an men like a kiss of the dragon, jinshui bridge for the maxillary Qiu dragon, something changan avenue as if the two bearded dragon, from tiananmen square to the meridian gate area is dragon of nasal bone.


  Ancestral temple and country address as longan, the Palace Museum is the keel dragons, four turrets as four claw of the dragon, to eight directions, jingshan, beaten gates avenue and drum tower.Qianmen like a treasure.


  Jingshan park looks like a portrait of a sitting

  In March 1987 in Beijing exhibition, aviation remote sensing results revealed a startling news: remote sensing of jingshan park in Beijing plane garden figure, like a portrait of the sat cross-legged, known as the "jingshan cave".This is how to return a responsibility?


  JingShanZai Forbidden City north creature across the door, when the yuan dynasty, named "green".In the Ming dynasty named "long live the mountain", is designed to suppress the king of the yuan dynasty, so also called "mountain town".Legend of the palace here accumulation of coal, and commonly known as "mountain".Twelve years the qing shunzhi, mountain to jingshan.


 Overlooking the jingshan resembles a portrait of the eye closure plate of sitting.Like a smile, the plans of park huang temple buildings as the "cave" of the head, and the door of the hall of eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows is composed of a tree, very symmetrical triangle trees on both sides of the beard, but it is separated by a life of emperor temple walls.

  The border around the image that is formed by the inner and outer walls around the jingshan park, close to the most beautiful golden section proportion, it is the area of 0.23 square kilometers, if it is really a portrait, then it will be the world's largest with artificial buildings of portraits.


  This cave of jingshan exactly is what person?Why this approximate one graphic on the central axis of Beijing jingshan park there?This portrait is the ancients to build or a coincidence?But until now, this is still a mystery.


  Implicit in the Summer Palace

  The Summer Palace looks is high in the sky a pattern of "fushan ShouHai".These delicate design exactly the ancients to build or a coincidence?


  According to the seven generations of bright qing dynasty royal architectural design main family style of "thunder", according to the order to the dowager birthday to build the Summer Palace, the emperor ordered must manifest in the gardens "fu, lu, shou" three words, ray's seventh generation LeiTingChang with the mind opportunely, completed the task of the emperor.


  He designed an artificial lake, the lake dug into the shape of a peach, you couldn't see it on the ground, but looking down the longevity hill, is presented in front of a large peach.And the marble seventeen-arch bridge which are designed to be attached to the lake island, the marble seventeen-arch bridge which is the turtle neck, meaning long life.


  As for the "f" word, LeiTingChang will longevity hill on both sides of the buddhist incense building design into the shape of a bat wings, as a whole has become a bat, bat with "fu", meaning.Kunming lake is like a peach, peach "mouth", long river gate bias to the southeast.Peach terrier, is the Summer Palace, the northwest corner of nishinomiya outside water diversion channel.


  Most amazing of all, oblique penetration narrow west bank of the lake, constitutes the TaoTi trench.And longevity hill is on the contour line of kunming lake shore, like a bat, wings to fly.


  Central axis is a bit "bad", starting point is a mystery

  Experts found that runs through the city has long been considered to be south north of the central axis appears does not overlap with the meridian phenomenon, seems a bit "bad".


  The 730 - year - old south north, central axis is not imagined but to counterclockwise direction.More confusingly, central axis, 270 kilometers away on the yuan.


  By accurate measurement shows: YongDingMen as the endpoint of Beijing central axis, from a 2 degrees counterclockwise and meridian have much Angle.Although only deviate more than 2 degrees of Angle, gates has west to deviate from the meridian of more than 200 meters, and the drum tower is deviating from the meridian of nearly 300 meters in the west.


  Existing in Beijing's central axis is used when the yuan dynasty in the central axis, the axis is the southern tip of her front door (today) tiananmen square.Ming dynasty moved south of the city, but there is no moving axis direction.Continue to use the Ming qing city, central axis is unchanged, has been 730 years.


  Experts were surprised to find that the Beijing central axis to continue toward the north, its extension GuKaiPing pointing to Beijing from more than 270 kilometers, is today the trillion nai man Mr Sommer of xilingol league area of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and the mega nai man Mr Sommer is the seat of the yuan on all sites.


  When Kublai Khan is moved the capital from here to the most, is now in Beijing, but will still keep on as shall.Experts say, the central axis of Beijing north to this is no coincidence, therefore trillion nai man Mr Sommer is the point at the northern end of Beijing's north-south axis.


  Why to extend the skew axis, its once is just the starting point of yuan on all sites, among this again have what meaning?Scientists continue to look for the answer.


  Beijing ancient city wall of the corner

  Turn over Beijing road map, it is easy to see a circular route like pane is set in the city center, the city gives off just outside the city.It is the second ring road, the location of the ruins of ancient city walls in Beijing.


 Beijing's ancient city wall has a history of hundreds of years.Founded in the yuan dynasty, built in the Ming dynasty, has experienced seven centuries.Ancient city wall, it is said, was "convex" glyph, 60 wall circumference, gives the 24 meters wide, 8 meters high wall, all for BanZhu rammed earth wall.


  Without the northwest corner of the ancient city walls, north-west second ring road no.According to historical records, wei ancient city walls in Beijing during the yuan dynasty is a boxy, this so-called "city party such as printing.In the Ming dynasty, both the inner and outer urban and emperor missing Angle phenomenon.


  When the wall is designed according to the rectangular, one thousand to engineering designers want to rectangular pattern during diagonally into the Forbidden City, the center of the supremacy to the emperor.


  But due to natural causes, eventually off during.To avoid death, they had to remove a corner, that is the northwest.


 Another legend, the Ming dynasty building north wall, northwest to build a right, but somehow, repeatedly building collapse, hundred years before and after, don't know how to build The Times.In desperation, finally built for bevel.


  In ancient China there is an argument that the northwest is a gap.Are written on the terrain of training, such as the western han dynasty huai nun tzu thought the earth there are eight party eight mountain to support the object, which support the northwest mountain is called island.


  The astronomical xun speak eight wind blowing and the northwest wind blowing said bad wind, the eastern han dynasty ban gu is interpreted as bad to don't hand over.According to the explanation, northwest two direction should not be connected to each other, but the gap.


  DongHuaMen nail has the mystery

  "Royal plaza old shadow" picture was taken in 1922 of DongHuaMen, nail number seven vertical nine "horizontal".The book of Beijing old city gate a DongHuaMen photos taken in the 1980 s, and 1898 of the photo shooting Angle is exactly the same, nail is to count the "horizontal eight vertical nine".


 So DongHuaMen nails is seven "horizontal" or "eight horizontal"?When the "horizontal seven" into the "eight horizontal"?The ancient Chinese thought: single for Yang, double for Yin.Nine is a Yang number, so the nine road nails is a doornail arrangement reflects the highest level.


  The Forbidden City, north, west three were horizontal vertical nine, a total of 81 nails.Only DongHuaMen is transverse eight vertical nine, a total of 72 nails.Why here with the even number (Yin) without odd number (Yang)?


  In the gate with nails, this is - the structure need to be reinforced door plank.About the number of nails used, before the Ming dynasty has no clear stipulation.In the qing dynasty, to relate nail quantity and hierarchy.


  "Qing reign" regulation, nails only on the burn of the palace, temple altar and members of the royal family.Palace, temple altar gate, each fan door plank nail nine rows, each row nine;Prince of nine rows, each row seven;King county town, auxiliary frenzy frenzy, baylor, BeiZi, nine rows, each row of five.


  What is the historical background that DongHuaMen nails number changes?Is the Palace Museum in the process of repairing careless mistake or other reasons?Is still a mystery.