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Big summer seasons to these hotels for cool and refreshing moment With summer shaking hands

Date: 2016-07-27

Just last Friday in great heat, whether you are in the south of your dazzling sun, or the pouring rain, in the north are now has entered the year the hottest season.

How to seek comfort from under the high temperature?Addicted to live flipped through the hotel information, pick out a bunch of looks cool projects.This hotel activity list, a reassuring with heat shaking hands.


JW marriott hotel Beijing

The mention of sweet berry, what will you think of?Young sweet first love?

Vigorous youth Or a singing cicada summer afternoon, a cup of iced fruit juice acid cool sweetness?!

JW marriott hotel Beijing

JW marriott hotel Beijing in this summer with sweet berry ice tea, sweet and juicy blueberry is about to drip, fresh strawberries, and tempting sweet raspberries, every tree berries with exclusive playful keywords in the summer.Match again delicious salmon, crab meat, pork and Turkey, element of all appropriate, pure and fresh and refreshing.

I think you have already smelled a smell of summer.

Sweet berry ice tea in the afternoon

Time: from now on to September 30, but passion - 17:30pm

Price: RMB 198 * per each;RMB 318 * / two

Location: no. 83 jianguo armour of the centre of Beijing chaoyang district, Beijing JW marriott lobby lounge

Telephone: 010-5908, 8510

Lang hao hotel Beijing capital airport

Can also be pink, Beijing capital airport lang of the recent launch of the "pink sweet intention" English afternoon tea, and staged another another amorous feelings.The afternoon sun through the lobby bar of the French window, green colours of the scenery outside the window, tie-in beauty tea and clear fragrance of tea, can also steal to stop in the summer.Occasionally caught a glimpse of the window quietly passing planes, will be difficult to restrain to sigh with emotion, airport peripheral also has such a time full of ceremony feeling and happiness taste.

Lang hao hotel Beijing capital airport

The whole afternoon tea is a blend of 6 selected English tea, with tea flavor, sweet taste, with points being delicate desserts makeup too slow time, even if the body is near the airport, can also open the elegant and fashionable way of life.

Pink honey meaning "English afternoon tea

Time: on July 8, 2016, PM - 17:00

Price: RMB 86 * per each* above rate will be 10% service charge and 6% VAT.

Telephone: 010-6450, 4247

Address: Beijing capital international airport terminal 3 two after the road no. 1

China world hotel in Beijing

Weekday at high temperatures, the most difficult time is 2 to 3 PM, are still a period of time, distance from work under heat around the drowsy, these elements are enough to make you mad?

China world hotel in Beijing

In that case, lunch time is a bit better to oneself, forget all food and fast food.Beijing China world hotel new aria, bar the afternoon meal, contains not only a delicious steak meal or seafood meal, even the weight loss of the girls want to vegetarian meal is ready.In addition to food and wine, from now on will be wonderful lunch.

China world hotel in Beijing

Time: from now on, every Monday to Friday 11:30 - passion

Price:Meat meal RMB 188 per person.

Seafood meal RMB 188 per person.

Vegetarian meal RMB 168 per person.

Every lunch time to add 88 yuan can also take soft drinks, bottled juice, local beer, shop to choose red/white wine, chandon sparkling wine all you can drink.

Address: chaoyang district Broadway street number one world trade center ()

Tianlun dynasty hotel

Dynasty square beer garden

Beer, food, the band, plus 35, a best friend at 5:30 in the evening everyone dynasty square, a perfect summer weekend, just start from here.

Tianlun dynasty hotel

No summer hot, 2500 - square - meter european-style garden, to bring you fresh air and comfortable home exogenous.5 m high white tents, asahi, heineken, fu jia, baker...Several ice cool and fresh beer on draft beer, instantly remove the exhaustion of summer for you.Carefully chosen with wine snacks, from inviting barbecue, seafood, delicious in the foreign country, to become green soybean, peanut, the most captious taste buds also will certainly to be able to meet.Every weekend, there are two small band bring spectacular songs for your site, or jazz, or nostalgia, or a hit list of the most popular songs, always can give you a surprise.

Tianlun dynasty hotel

White tent light up the lights of the stars, bright moonlight dripped through glass top 22 meters high on the shoulder, close your eyes and have a beautiful picture?Whether some itching?Then hurry up about three to five friends, to experience the beauty of summer!

Tianlun dynasty hotel dynasty square summer festival

From now on to September 30, 2016 daily to 17:30pm 0:00